Woolsthorpe Manor

What a wonderful trip!Last Thursday, 38 of our Year 5s explored and discovered the life, times and achievements of Sir Isaac Newton: possibly Lincolnshire’s most recognised person world-wide. We were welcomed to this remote, peaceful setting by a most docile black and white cart horse as well as three enthusiastic smiling National Trust volunteers, ready and waiting to share with us the delights and secrets of the manor…and there were several nooks and crannies to be revealed. The science centre is full of hands-on experimentation exhibits, and our pupils did not hesitate to get their hands on and have a go. They blended colours to make white, tested centrifugal force, bent light through odd shaped prisms and encountered a variety of optical illusions – though possibly their favourite was the wibbly, wobbly,concave, convex mirrors which threw a very peculiar light on their appearance. 
Having made boats for a boat race at school, our crew jumped into the land-yacht workshop with great enthusiasm, adjusting wheels and sails for the best results. Whose sailed the furthest?

And the house tour…to see and stand where he would have worked and pondered and strolled among the apple trees was such a treat. How did he work with only one solitary candle to light his dingy room? How often did he stand at this window and watch as the apples fell, always downwards to the ground? -lost in deep contemplation while all around him the busy sheep farm kept on working around him…
Such a special experience and claim to fame for Lincolnshire, we are proud and privileged to have this gem on our doorstep, to discover a great mind we’ll never forget.  

(What a treat in store for the rest of the year group the following day!)



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