End of term fun!

We wound up a busy term with an afternoon filled with fun and games, all ready for our spring break. Although the day began with the serious job of reading, checking, editing and improving our Fantastical Vehicle Adventures – as well as checking each other’s – we set aside the usual day’s work to build our boats in preparation for the Great Boat Race. Having studied the effects of water resistance and air thrust, we used these principals in our own designs. Which would achieve most wins?

Once all boats were ready, we set about racing every boat against every other, tallying each win and loss, until all had had the opportunity to show off its merits. A boating lake was arranged on the table top with the wind power aid of a standing fan, and they were off!

This took some time, but under the capable supervision of several pupils, the job was fully completed with all data gathered. 

Meanwhile, others were occupied as deputised Easter bunnies. Armed with pencil, 5×3 index card and the all important mini-egg, they set off from the back-door marking their paces and recording directions to their final hiding place, so that the searcher might subsequently follow and find the treat. Eventually, all were nested safely and the hunt was on! Would their directions lead to success?

Friday also offered the opportunity to play board games for the good cause of supporting the NSPCC, which we willingly did. Such a variety of board games were brought in, from the tried and trusted Monopoly and Chess, to the Gruffalo and the Game of Life. It really should become a regular feature of each term.

So we wrapped up the term, with Easter eggs, board games and boat races…but who managed the most wins, and why? We shall investigate further on our return next term.

Enjoy the spring time, enjoy the break! 



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